Here they are now...

Here they are now...
This picture was taken summer 2009. We'll see if we can make them better

Thursday, January 7, 2010

So, I caved

And the "detox" was going so well. I started at 4 p.m. on Sunday night, and made it to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday night. No, I didn't drown my sorrows in a pint of ice cream. No, I didn't eat a loaf of bread (which wouldn't be something I'd do anyway). I just had a bad day at work, and was really, really tired of grilled chicken. Trader Joe's has frozen chocolate chip cookie dough that comes in a box of little balls. Not the best thing to eat, but they are so good. Normally, if I start with one, I'll eat at least three. Today I stopped at one. I also decided to reward myself with a different, although still not completely unhealthy, dinner.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday.
I think I overdosed with 5 cups of green tea today.
Morning snack was a cup of red and green grapes.
Lunch was MORE brown rice, butternut squash, and grilled chicken. Also some goat cheese.
Before the gym, I made myself a half of cup of organic (whatever that means) angel hair pasta (no sauce).
After the gym, I treated myself with a breaded chicken patty with mozzarella. You can buy them at Whole Foods. Not the greatest for you, but SO GOOD and so easy to cook. Important when you live by yourself and are too lazy to cook a complete meal.

In terms of a workout, today didn't go as expected. I wanted to add some distance to my run (granted, I haven't gone very far yet), but my calves were JUST NOT COOPERATING. I was worried about cramping, so I decided to quit the run and continue on the elliptical. Normally, I'd just stop cardio altogether since I despise it more than Speidi (I'm not even going to link them, because they don't deserve it), but I knew I had to not give up. Again warmed up with a 0.25 mile walk, but added a 4.0 incline, and finished in 5 minutes. Started the run, did 1 mile in 9:00 minutes.

In terms of weights, today was chest, my weakest and least favorite body part to do. I have a weird shoulder injury, which usually I can work around, but certain bench and fly exercises aggravate it.

Since I've been dropping my weight for the GVT, I was hoping that it wouldn't be a problem. Also didn't do legs today, but I may do some wall sits tomorrow.

Cable flys on the Free Motion machine
10 sets at 10 reps, 20 lbs
this is a good weight, but I could probably do 5 more

Incline Bench Press
10 sets at 10 reps, 45 lbs
This one tired me out. I was pretty tired.

Ab Twists
2 sets at 25 reps, 5 lbs.

All in all, not a bad start to my program. Rest day tomorrow, and then weather permitting, probably going to do stairs on Saturday.

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