Here they are now...

Here they are now...
This picture was taken summer 2009. We'll see if we can make them better

Monday, January 4, 2010

Alice in Wine and Cheese Land.

I'm not a woman who denies herself much. If I want a cupcake, I eat it. If I want to take a flying trapeze class, I do it. If I really want a man, I go after him (although that has changed with email and guys not knowing how to spell or use proper grammar).

This has been my first full day of my 3-day detox. While I have modified it to suit my needs, I'm still ravenous. Constantly. All I see are food items staring at me, begging me to eat and drink them. Whole Foods, with all it's delicious wine and cheese, was torture. The pizza place down the street, which I go to only about once a month, kept giving me the salami eye. The worst is the fact that I have cookie dough in my freezer. Not the ice cream, just the cookie dough. These are things that I eat with no problem, because with how much I work out, and the fact that I usually eat relatively healthy (and I do not have the ability to overeat), I have a pretty okay bod. Not as smokin' as I'd like, but not too shabby for an old lady.

In any case, the fact that I'm limiting myself makes those things I can't eat that much more appealing. Despite being constantly beckoned by things I'm not eating for three days, I managed to push through.

In case you were interested, here's what I've eaten today (the order isn't exact):

1/2 cup of Irish Oatmeal made with water
2 cups of coffee with a cup of milk each (switched from 1% to non-fat)
1 Asian Pear
2 cups of green tea
Spinach salad with chicken, pecans, cranberries, a little bit of blue cheese (I know it's a cheat, but it's so good), apple slices, and raspberry vinaigrette.
Handful of grapes
Tablespoon of peanut butter
Brown basmati rice, butternut squash, and chicken (all fit neatly into one bowl)
...and a whole lot of water

In addition to day 1 of detox, it's also day 2 of the half-marathon training program. Even though my knee was bothering me a little, as well as my shins, I decided to push the run a little more. I started off with a 0.25 mile warm-up at 3.7 MPH, but increased my pace to a peak of 7:47 min/mile (that pace for about a half mile) to finish out the 1.5 miles in 15:39. I followed that with a brick by doing 15 minutes on the upright bike for 3.05 miles.

I then headed upstairs, where I did see some of the usual gym suspects, such as the weird gay guy and the really buff chick.

Despite having that fun to watch, I managed to get in this workout:

Overhead Dumbbell Press
5 sets at 10 reps, 5 lbs each hand

Dumbbell Arnold Press
5 sets at 10 reps, 5 lbs each hand

Dumbbell Cheerleaders (which I can't find a picture of)
10 sets at 10 reps, 3 lbs each hand

Dumbbell Squats
5 sets at 10 reps, 5 lbs each hand

Medicine Ball Twist
2 sets at 25 reps, 3 kg medicine ball

What made me more awesome is that I did most of the shoulder and leg exercises on a BOSU, with the round side down. I also fell off of said BOSU once.

What makes it a little less awesome is that I usually lift more weight, but since I increased the sets, I dropped my weight. I'm trying to avoid injury, so I'm just seeing how it feels.

So how do I feel? Pretty darn proud of myself. And hungry.

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