Here they are now...

Here they are now...
This picture was taken summer 2009. We'll see if we can make them better

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just because it's the gym, it doesn't mean spandex is appropriate attire.

Self-doubt is a crazy thing. Yesterday I was feeling that I wans't going to be able to do the half-marathon that I want to, even if it is in June. If I couldn't do 2 miles without getting bored, how was I going to make it 13.1 miles? I was pretty discouraged today, but decided to push through by finding one (or more) running partners.

I posted something on Facebook seeking running peeps, and then a friend of mine also did. I discussed it with her, and we decided to meet and run around Lake Merritt, which is about 3.4 miles. And you know what? I did it, without much effort. Granted, we didn't have a speedy pace and we walked the last half mile or so (not that I needed to, that's just what we did), but I DID IT. I don't know my pace, but the fact that I didn't really have to heavy breathe was worth it. Sure, some might not be impressed, but they can kiss my ass.

Speaking of my ass, I also had a great workout at the gym. The gym is an odd place for a skinny white girl with an Oakland booty, seeing as I can kick most guys' asses there. I lift dumbbells. I have proper form. I do some crazy exercises. I rock out to my music (and still say that Supermassive Black Hole is a great stripper song). Since I didn't run the whole way, I wanted to get a little extra cardio in, so I rode the recumbent bike for 3 miles in 15 minutes.

Tonight was shoulders- gonna get those deltoids to POP.

Overhead Dummbbell Press
10 sets at 10 reps, 10 lbs
Not a bad weight, but I could probably bump it up for 12 to do GVT

Dumbbell Raises
5 sets at 10 reps laterally, 5 lbs
5 sets at 10 reps frontally, 5 lbs

Lunges and Squats
3 sets at 10 reps of lunges, varying weights
6 sets at 10 reps of squats, 10 lbs

The lunges and squats were done on the Max Rack which is my favorite piece of equipment in the entire world. Squats, lunges, bicep curls...the thing could do it all. If I could afford it, I'd put one in my apartment.

But enough about weights- today gave me a reason to give a crap about this training program again. Now if only I could get the weirdos to quit wearing spandex at the gym (it is NOT pretty), then my life would be better. Oh well, a girl can dream.

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